U.S. Green Building Council MemberSustainable Design:

YHR Partners is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, and our Team of LEED certified professionals design healthy ecologically sustainable buildings that will save building owner’s operational costs and improve productivity. We select design strategies, products, and systems that are “green” as a normal task. At YHR Partners Green Design equals Good Design.

YHR Partners, with our consultants, design mechanical and electrical systems that will meet LEED Guidelines to provide healthy, pleasant, indoor environments that minimize energy consumption. LEED Guidelines are also considered in our product selection and specifications. We attend many seminars on green architecture and look at many alternatives in solving design problems. Sustainable Design and Life Cycle are carefully considered in all design phases, product selection, specifications, and construction. Life Cycle cost estimating starts early in design where we engage our team in the selection of systems, materials, and technologies that best suit our client’s needs.

YHR Partners sustainable design practices lead to buildings that will conserve energy, improve the quality of the indoor environment, improve the health of building occupants, increase user productivity and preserve the earth’s natural resources.