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LifeCare Medical Center

Greenbush, Minnesota

LifeCare Medical Center owns and operates the Skilled Nursing facility in Greenbush, Minnesota. The board of directors commissioned a master plan to explore options for the Skilled Nursing facility that was housed in a converted 1950’s hospital building. After studying the options the board decided to abandon the existing site and build a new facility. The new facility houses 40 skilled care residents, 12 assisted living apartments, a small clinic and a wellness and therapy suite. These functions access a common main street core of the new facility that encloses a courtyard for the residents. The main street includes a coffee shop, multi-purpose space, business office, beauty barber space and additional lounge spaces. The main street corridor is configured to create a walking path around the central exterior courtyard. This corridor has become a site for walkers from the community, drawing them in to exercise and visit with friends and neighbors who may reside in the facility. Twelve times around is a mile for those keeping track.

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